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Just the name, "Dream Cars," conjures up images of fantastic automobiles that are the ultimate of design and imagination. Atlanta's High Museum of Art brought the dream closer to a visual reality with the exhibit "Dream Cars." This collection of 18 special automobiles is a delight to witness in person, and is a complimentary "second helping" for those that attended "Allure of the Automobile," an exhibit that drew appreciative car enthusiasts just short few years ago (see my other gallery on this website titled "Paint and Chrome").

When looking at my photos, you will notice some distortion and exaggeration of shapes. I used four different lenses on my camera to get these effects. Besides a "normal" and wide angle lens, I also used a fisheye lens on about a third of the images. These fisheye images are readily identified by the extreme curvature of horizontal or vertical lines. In addition to the fisheye lens, I used a fun, special effects lens called a Lens Baby. This lens has a very small focal point, rendering most of the image out of focus. For the subject matter of "Dream Cars," this special lens adds a somewhat "dreamy" effect! In all, the different lenses create a varying viewpoint of these beautiful automobiles.
1947 Norman Timbs Special1947 Norman Timbs Special1936 Stout Scarab1936 Sout Scarab1934 Edsel Ford Model 40 Special Speedster1948 TascoView of the "cockpit," 1948 Tasco1948 Tasco1941 Chrysler Thunderbolt1941 Chrysler Thunderbolt