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This gallery contains the online version of my most recent photo exhibit, held at The Art Place in Marietta, Georgia, August 10 through August 31, 2017.

The idea of this exhibit came from my desire to experiment with printing images on canvas. Although I have been using canvas as a display medium for several years, I wanted to share a larger collection of photographs exclusively printed this way. Canvas can provide a different look, mostly adding some texture that is hard to achieve in other mediums. I have printed most of the images in this exhibit on traditional digital photo paper, and a few on either metal (aluminum) or wood. Each, like canvas, has its own characteristics.

For these images, I have purposely presented the existing light as it appeared. Where the sky may seem muted in some, that's exactly how it was captured, more likely due to cloudy conditions and even rain.

You will also observe that several of the images were captured with an infrared converted camera (or even on infrared film, such as in the case of "American Light"). The infrared spectrum detects heat, and is most commonly revealed with vegetation, such as grass of the leaves of trees that appear almost white. The "tint" you see in some of these images (such as "Sentinelle sur le point - Sentinel on the Bridge") is because of visible light leaking through to the infrared spectrum. In the instance of Is "Three a Crowd," the sky condition was cloudless on a very bright morning and the infrared spectrum produced a totally black sky (no manipulation). As a photographer, I chose to work with the existing light--thus, "Let There Be Light."

Please note that there are small differences in appearance of the images you are viewing online in this gallery when compared with the same canvas images hanging in the exhibit. The canvas versions of these images in the exhibit show more texture and other nuances unable to re-create here.

Should you wish more information about any of these images, to include purchase inquiries, please contact me. David Batley
Paris at Midnight, 2016American Light, Washington, DC, 2004Cloud Reflections, Bearcamp Pond, Sandwich, NH, 2013Self Portrait, Chicago, 2016I'm Watching You, Chicago, 2016Ruins of Dungeness, Cumberland Island, GA, 2012Driftwood Sunrise, Jekyll Island, GA, 2017Peaceful Autumn Day on the River, North Shore, Lake Superior, MN, 2010Is Three a Crowd? Sanibel Island, FL, 2015Autumn in the High Desert, Rio Arriba County, NM, 2012Driftwood Beach, Jekyll Island, GA, 2017Her Last Port, Scituate, MA, 1998Chicago Rising, Chicago, IL, 2016Foggy Morning at Sanibel, Sanibel Island, FL, 2013Sentinelle sur le pont (Sentinel on the Bridge, Paris, 2016Telling the Story, Ground Zero, NYC, 2011Mimi's Tree, Marietta, GA, 2005Sunrise Search, Sanibel Island, FL, 2012The World is Round, near Taos, New Mexico, 2012