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Star Iron and Metal, a well-known scrapyard and metal recycler located on Howell Mill Road in Atlanta, is closing down after four decades. Star owner, Scott Hammer, inherited the business from his father, Elliott Hammer, who purchased it from the original owner in the mid 1970s. Scott is closing and selling the property as the evolution of the neighborhood brings changes to the area. An orange-red railroad caboose slightly elevated above the surrounding fence, made the location easy to spot from Howell Mill. The neighborhood has transitioned from mostly industrial to a popular area for apartments, condos retail and restaurants. The images here (taken in late March 2016) show the last bit of scrap being hauled away from what was once a very bustling operation. Another example of the continuing change in the makeup of the city. Nonetheless, Star (and the caboose) will be missed by many of the long-time customers. The fate of the beautiful old cottonwood tree in the middle of this land remains unknown.